CNC Service & Repair

Minimize downtime. Maximize investments.

Repair, Rebuild and Upgrade

Given the level of investment that goes into the purchase of CNC machinery, returning a machine to good working condition often makes more sense than replacement. Our team uses in-depth expertise to repair, rebuild and upgrade all types of CNC machinery–keeping your operation efficient and productive.

Expert Services for CNC Machinery

We can provide any level of service for your CNC machinery, from small on-site diagnosis and repair to complete equipment overhauls that include retrofitting older machinery with newer advanced electronics and control systems.

Our Capabilities

  • Machine Tool Alignment Inspection
  • Reconditioning & Repair
  • Portable Machining (Onsite Machine Tool Way Machining)
  • Slideway Repair
  • Linear Rail and Bearing Replacement (Laser Aligned)
  • CNC Gantry / Router Repair Package
  • Ballscrew Repair and Replacement (New or Remanufactured)

Additional Services

  • Hand scraping and bearing material installation for Turcite®, Moglice® and Rulon® ways
  • Control retrofits, including installing and programming of Faunc CNC retrofit systems
  • Equipment and systems training for Faro® Laser Tracker, Renishaw® Calibration Equipment, Renishaw® Probe Systems and Leica® Total Station System
Morley Machine Tool Alignment, Inc. has worked with SNK America since 1996. The team has assisted with many major repairs and complete installations, including larger SNK RB 200 CNC machines. The repairs have ranged from major way scraping, gib scraping, ballscrew replacement, spindle replacement, and various troubleshooting. We would recommend Morley Machine Tool Alignment for any of the above services. Donald G. Lavertue
West Coast Sr. Service Manager
SNK America, Inc.