Case Study: Reverse Engineering for Boating Manufacturer

Project Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Using our laser measurement technology for the construction of nautical and boating systems, Morley Machine Tool Alignment has worked extensively in reverse-engineering yacht molds for companies such as Wendon Yachts of Vancouver Island, Canada.

Wendon was tasked with reverse engineering a 70-foot yacht superstructure mold, which included increasing the length to 80 feet. They asked us to deploy our FARO laser tracker in order to build a 3D model of the mold. We used the FARO to generate a point cloud, thus creating the necessary 3D modeling data. The laser tracker was mounted at the aft position of the yacht, enabling it to measure each point at various locations in order to generate symmetrical data. Once laser scanning was complete, the design was imported to a 5-Axis CNC gantry system in order to machine the newly-expanded section of the mold.

Overall, our team saved approximately three months of time and resources for Wendon Yachts. This prevented the company of having to conduct manual lofting and construction for a new mold. Using a combination of state-of-the-art technology along with a precise attention to detail, our team was able to help Wendon quickly extend the mold an additional 10 feet with little to no impact on resources and schedule.

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