Case Study: Rebuild and Retrofit for Hard Metal Machining Center

Project Location: Tacoma, WA

Utilizing the latest in precision measurement solutions and services is our mission at Morley Machine Tool Alignment. We offer accurate, unrivaled laser metrology, measurement, and inspection services to our manufacturing customers.

An extremely challenging rebuild and retrofit of a large hard metal machining center required our laser technology. We were approached by Precision Machine Works in Tacoma, WA to overhaul a large, hydrostatic, multi-spindle milling machine built in the 1960s. Weighing in at over 100 tons, this equipment is capable of performing CNC work on a 50-ton bridge assembly. It can machine hard metals such as Inconel, super alloys, and titanium. It offers hydrostatic lift capabilities, including a floating table that sits on a thin film of oil in order to handle large weighted assemblies. Underneath this table there are a series of ways coated with a Moglice bearing material.

Using our Hamar laser, the Moglice assembly was reconstructed within ± .001 inc while the corresponding hydrostatic pockets were rebuilt to capture the high pressure oil flow. With the Hamar laser, we were able to level and align the machine, set the table bed, correct the column height, and square all axes.

Additionally, the 4-inch ball screws required custom-built drive boxes to be installed. These boxes were to be mounted on un-machined areas using our FARO laser tracker so they were precisely positioned to where the tape scales are mounted. Each spindle gear box was rebuilt and positioned to ± .001-inch tolerances and confirmed using a FARO laser.

The machine was then calibrated with our Renishaw XL 80 Laser Interferometer as well as verified with our Renishaw QC20 ballbar. For each area rebuild, we were able to speed up the process using our precision laser measurements. For the last 15 years, we have continued to help rebuild many of these machines for Precision Machine Works successfully. Our methods have provided a series of baselines for similar projects.

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