Case Study: Measuring the head cover for turbine on hydro-electric dam

Project Location: Bridgeport, WA

A hydro-electric dam required the head cover of the rotor assembly measured. The head cover had been removed and supported on cribbing. The measurement involved taking readings with a laser tracker. Our team took measurements from the top, bottom and three different sides to cover the entire scope of work dictated by the site record sheets. Careful planning for the different positions for the laser tracker was needed. The head cover was over 20 feet in diameter with 24 hole positions. There were also many large internal and external bores, with readings taken at various angles and flatness plane measurements taken at different elevations.

With the use of multiple control points (monuments) located around the periphery of the head cover, the laser tracker was able to measure over 365 points and features. The total inspection was achieved in two days.

The FARO software was able to generate the report into an Excel spreadsheet, and from there we provided information for detailed site record sheets for the engineers to review.

The FARO laser tracker was also used to measure the bottom ring, which is located inside the stator/shaft area. The laser tracker was mounted above the bottom ring horizontally so that the measuring envelope was at its full potential. The FARO horizontal attachment was used to provide a safe counterbalance for the laser tracker, as it had to hang out in space. The computer was located at the bottom ring, and all readings were taken “wirelessly.”

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