Case Study: Measurement and Roll Repair for Paper Mill

Project Location: Federal Way, WA

At Morley Machine Tool Alignment, we believe in taking a volumetric approach to every project, delivering precision measurement solutions regardless of project size. Our goal is to help our customers with accurate data before manufacturing begins, saving them time and money.

Metso Paper, a paper mill located in Federal Way, Washington, required the measurement of a complex internal hydraulic system within the inner cylinder bores of their paper mill roll. The purpose was to confirm that the bearing journals on either end were in line with the main body of the roll’s cylinder.

This required using our FARO laser tracker to measure one end of the roll and journal while also measuring its internal diameter. Once this was completed, the FARO laser tracker was “leapfrogged” to the other end of the cylinder. The coordinate system was then re-established on the opposite end in order to measure the parallel journal. Three measurement readings were taken to compare to the centerline of the roll, allowing us to take readings on both bearing housings as well as the entire length of the cylinder’s bore diameter.

Once the data was analyzed, our inspection proved that the bearing journals were still properly aligned to the cylinder bore, allowing the roll to enter the next phase of manufacturing.

At Morley, our attention to detail for precision inspection and metrology solutions is unrivaled in the industry. Backed by the latest laser measurement technology, we provide quality services and on-time scheduling.

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