Case Study: Measurement and Inspection for the Aerospace Industry

Project Location: Auburn, WA.

Morley Machine Tool Alignment’s mission is to provide precision measurement solutions for manufacturers in a variety of industries, geared at improving inspection accuracy. When asked by Composite Solutions of Auburn, Washington to inspect and measure the surfaces of an aerospace winglet mold, we utilized our FARO laser tracker for the job.

The winglet is part of the airplane’s wing design and required a machined mold for manufacturing. The mold possessed complex surface geometry that had to match the original CAD model for proper aerodynamic verification. Utilizing the FARO laser tracker, we were able to generate a point cloud file to mark out the entire trim line of the winglet’s mold. The procedure was performed twice, once for each half of the mold. The data was compiled into a report that highlighted tolerance thresholds throughout the entire geometry of both halves.

We take a volumetric approach to all inspections with unrivaled attention to detail, quality service, and customer satisfaction. Our measurement data was a success for the customer, allowing them to move forward with production, thanks to FARO laser tracking technology.

Morley Machine Tool Alignment specializes in this type of work. We are conveniently located in Milton, Washington, between Seattle and Tacoma. Contact us for a quote today!